Monday, March 2, 2009

My New Google Ally–Alie!

As I go down the path of marketing the MY DIVA DIET mission and our first book, I have spent endless hours on the computer:  You Tube, My Space, Facebook, Ning, Twitter, Ezine, E-Bay, Blogs (including Widget Box, (body space), My Body Site, Fitness Book Channel, One True Media, Photobucket, Jib Jab, Linked In, Hi 5, This Next, Free Press, and much more.  

Prior to the launch of our website ( in August (2008), my young niece taught me about My Space and Facebook as well as some of the other hip social networks.  A friend told me to write articles–thus the Ezine experience, Twitter was an amazing surprise, my first Ning came from the advice of John Kremer (1001 Ways to Market Your Books), and the rest just kind of happened. I even found places I could just chat about my self-publishing adventure at "The Self Publishing Experience"!  And to be totally honest, I didn't even know what a blog was until this past month (I thought it was a bad four letter word–LOL)!   But now I am a blogger!
While doing this much work, I wondered, is this really worth it?  Each week, I would google "MY DIVA DIET", and see what was going on with our name and as noted in previous posts, people are talking!   Now if you google "MY DIVA DIET"–we rock!  

That is all good, but we want everyone that is looking for a diet book on the internet to see ours! But considering the thousands of diet books on the market today, we knew this would be tough, especially since we are self-published (at least for now) and haven't yet implemented a marketing strategy.  So, I would periodically google "diet book" and other ways that people would look for a book about dieting, to see if all this "social networking" was making a difference. Well, if you google "diet book for women", "women's diet book", and "fat-loss diet book for women" we do great.  Today we had a major breakthrough and if you google "diet book (s)" we are on page #1 and #2, (placed #3 of 24,000,000) and according to my partner and website designer–that is a big deal (in less than 7 months).  I guess the next challenge is: "how do we stay on page #1 and #2 of google"? And better yet, how do we get our website on page one with those popular key words "diet books"?  

How did this happen?
My new "google friend", Alie James,  a writer for Blog Critics!  The story starts with one of my google searches–"diet book reviews".  I found a book review "The Younger (Thinner) You Diet" by Alie James on 

I loved the writer's honesty and style.  So I contacted Alie James, and she agreed to do a review of MY DIVA DIET:  A Woman's Last Diet Book. Unbeknownst to me, Alie is an author too and  
I was given the honor of reviewing one of her books, but we will get to that later.  Alie's review was posted on and that is how MY DIVA DIET got on page #1 and page #2 of google when you type in "diet book (s)" and have hit the #2 spot!   

EXCERPT of Alie's Review:    
"There is a place for "thinking outside the box", especially when writing a diet book and trying to stand out from the thousands of competitive diet books available to the hungry market of "tired-of-dieting dieters". Christine Lakatos wrote My Diva Diet, and is such a thinker.
To see the full review go to Blog Critics --Book Review:  MY DIVA DIET - Blog Critics (posted on the MY DIVA DIET Expert Review section of our website

Google is good for finding stuff and new Allys (Alies)! 

Meet Alie
I will post my review of Alie's book "Secrets to Healthy Aging & Ageless Beauty", in my next post–in the meantime check out her website at, and her books and get your FREE duck directory !

My thanks to Alie, Blog Critics and Google!  We have only just begun!  
Until then E.C.L. - Empower–Challenge–Legacy 

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