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BOOK REVIEW: “Secrets to Healthy Aging & Ageless Beauty”

“Secrets to Healthy Aging & Ageless Beauty”
by: Alie James
Review by: Christine Lakatos 2-28-09

When I began to read “Secrets to Healthy Aging & Ageless Beauty”, I thought I was getting the usual beauty information and tips, but what I got was a refreshing study. It captured more than my mind, at moments, it captured my soul!

When the preface started with all the ‘self’s’ I thought it was one of those ME books, until I realized the author actually teaches that selfishness (which is unattractive and unhealthy) is a key to "Heathy Aging & Ageless Beauty". Alie James presents a very important and highly neglected "virtue" as the final goal–selflessness, which I was hoping came in a cream or body lotion!

It was in the preface where I was enticed to read with my full attention:
Secrets to Healthy Aging & Ageless Beauty isn’t about loosing or giving up more of yourself than you already have; instead, it’s about finding, and getting to know yourself – your true self – so that you can “truly” become selfless.

Getting to know yourself and becoming selfless has many Health & Beauty benefits, but in addition to Health & Beauty, one of the most important benefits is that it becomes easier for you to be in control, and stay in control of your life.

Also, you’ll find that your needs and wants naturally decrease – in other words, you’ll need and want less for yourself and more for others. Acquiring this virtue will make aging a very positive experience for you, as well as for your loved ones. Selflessness is your key to Healthy Aging and Ageless Beauty.
Later in Chapter 2 “Favorite Days”, I found great depth. I have to admit that reading one of her childhood stories took me back to some of my great childhood moments and DID (both then and as I reflect now) give me sense of inner peace and joy! In fact, I remember as a child my grandmother saying, “Christina, you are happy-go-lucky”. But as life has unfolded with many unpleasant occurrences (in my life and the world), my happy-go-lucky nature seems to be few and far between–thus aging me! My question is, "how do we go back to our childhood nature and still be responsible adults"? Maybe the lesson here is to reflect more often on our GOOD childhood memories to help us experience what the author refers to as “complete Mind & Body Harmony”–thus we can be more at peace and live a life of freedom (which will manifest less stress, better health, contentment, and allow us to age gracefully)! Or better yet, maybe we should recapture our youth in more profound ways!  

I may have to interject my opinion here: I think what gives us “spiritual freedom” as a child is our purity! When our mind, body and soul are pure we can then have true inner peace! This I have experienced as an adult those few times I have lived a pure life in both body and soul, when I have done what is right no matter what, in the simple things life has to offer, and when I have had the privilege to laugh and love. I frequent that place when I am a witness to the purity and innocence of my children, the wholesomeness and motives of animals, the beauty and sounds of nature, and the magic of music. Whenever I am privy to the humility and forgiveness of others, the rare occasions of honesty and integrity, the compassion and complexity of charity work, the nobility and courage of heroes, the wisdom and patience of our elderly, and the mystery and mercy of God! I think that is why scripture (when it speaks of a "peace that surpasses all understanding") teaches us to mediate on what is true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous, and praise worthy! 

Later in the book, the author addressed the heath and beauty industry and its endless attempt to promote the latest product or program. And just like the health and fitness industry (an area of my expertise) it is a billion dollar industry that will sell you anything, including quick-fix schemes and false promises. And most concentrate on the outer–not inner health and beauty. What a shame! 

The three areas that she discusses to help with beauty are quite interesting:
  1. Foundational Health
  2. The Microdose
  3. Mind & Body Balance
But in the end I love this quote from the author,
“the radiance of Spirit, together with a balanced Mind, Body and Soul, is what makes one naturally beautiful”.
As a woman in the fitness industry, I agreed with her idea of what women want:
“Women of all ages, from the moment they are old enough to look in a mirror, until the day they no longer look, want to look good, feel good, have lots of energy, do the things they want to do, and not have major stress in their lives.”
And I wholeheartedly approve of her summary of what is actually happening:
“Americans are actually “sick, tired and fat”!
How can that possibly be? In this modern age, we Americans are known for our ability to solve the most difficult of problems. In my opinion, I think it’s because of the prosperity of our nation, and because we usually get most of our needs and wants met very easily – too easily perhaps. Our country has adopted a motto, “more is better”. This mental message permeates everything we think, feel and do, and marketers capitalize on our insatiable demands by giving us Biggy Sizes of food, Extreme Sports, Bigger and Better products, Multimedia experiences that make our heads spin, the Mega-Dose supplement philosophy, Super pharmacies, and Do-It-All pills. As you would expect, these words and expressions are now part of the American vocabulary, and sadly the American mindset.
As I enjoyed the premise and the theories in this book, I kept awaiting the practical application–what can I implement into my life to attain this “Healthy Aging & Ageless Beauty”? What I found at the end is a 7-Step Program (with their related summaries)!

I am eager to start my 7 Steps so I can learn how to age gracefully–especially as I approach 50!

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  1. How very informative and well written. Thank you for sharing the book with us-I enjoyed the reading.

  2. Thanks for sharing this review. I can never keep myself well-stocked in good literature, because I read them so fast. I will have to look for this one.

  3. Christine and I share a common vision for women -that it's possible to live a healthy, beautiful life - naturally. What's interesting is that we've written about these books from two different perspectives: mine - from the inside, out; Christine's - from the outside, in. Pretty cool, I think ... Alie James

  4. There are many tips and other herbs that help us to be beautiful. I think your article made easy for women to have beauty naturally. Having healthy living is a dream for everyone particularly women.