Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Diva Gratitude!

When I first started to join NING sites, I was not quite sure what I was getting myself into, but to my surprise and 50 sites later, I have met some fantastic people; in no particular order:
  • Carol at "How to Write a Book" 
  • Hombre at "American C2C"
  • Lisa at "WHAM Addicts Advertising" 
  • Chandra at "True DIVAS"
  • Sheri at "Concerned Christians"
  • Tiffany at "Christian Twitters
  • GI at "GI Television" 
  • Sam, Wendy, NLUrich, and Alexander at "Start up Space" 
  • Malcomist, Fit Chick 4 Life, CoachRuRu, Kenjah,  and many others at "Iseecolor" 
  • MDS, Jayson, and Eydie at "World Physique" 
  • Frans at "Ladybargaining" 
  • Donna and Cynde at "Our Biz Your Biz"
  • Tye and Inez at "The Network Inc."
  • Jeff  at "FFB, Fitness & Figure Admirers" 
  • James and Mani at "Fitness Star Network" 
  • Ronald, Kevin at "Body Proud"
  • Mani at "Hot Juice Net" 
  • Mari and Mike at "Solution Sports & Fitness" 
  • Maureen at  "Fit and 40 Something" and "Mbodyment's Action Against Obesity Foundation"  
  • Tracy at  "Thick Sistahs" 
  • Leah at "Bookie Book" 
  • Sarah at "WEGO Health" 
  • Nicki at "Twit 2 Fit"  
RockYou FXText

This story is about two special DIVAS -- Kristin and Morgan!  
What is a Diva anyway?  According to the dictionary "diva" means "glamorous and successful female performer or personality." Both of these women are power-packed with energy, enthusiasm, and enlightenment–they meet the criteria of DIVA!  Kristin is the creator of The Diva Within "Small Business Vendors" and was one of the first NING
 sites I joined.  

World Wide Business Connections "Business Unlimited, No Walls, No Boundaries" is the creation of Morgan!  These sites are great for business and have helped the MY DIVA DIET mission. These sites have many benefits to membership and are great social networks.  So whether you are a business Diva, a fitness Diva, or you just want to explore your "Diva Within"  World Wide, make sure you check them out! 

Just a note of recognition and appreciation to my new "Diva Friends", Kirstin and Morgan!  
xo from Super Diva!  

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