Sunday, May 3, 2009

"There’s no place like home!" Book Review: My Dream Home: Dream Home Profile

First, who is Alie James?

"Dreaming Song" is my blog for women. I write about things to make our lives and homes naturally beautiful, healthy, and happy. It's also about my life as a home design consultant, natural health and beauty advocate, resistantly aging baby boomer, e-book author, Photoshop dabbler, country music enthusiast, and reality show philosopher.”

I know Alie from Blog Critics, where she quickly became “My Goggle Ally” and launched our Oprah MissionI would have to say that Alie is sensitive and insightful with a ton of tenacity!  Her writings offer depth and leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling inside by always tapping into my fond childhood memories (which are outweighed by bad ones)!  So anyone who can help me focus on the positive parts of my childhood is my hero–in this case, heroine).  

 I recently read her e-book called My Dream Home: Dream Home Profile. 

It provides customized ideas for your home, while helping you avoid costly mistakes before decorating, furnishing, painting, building, buying or remodeling your Home. Now with Dream Home Profile™, it becomes a real possibility for you to begin your Dream Home, and add that "little bit of extra" to your home!”

Most would think Dream Home Profile is about fancy and expensive…furniture, flooring, faucets, appliances, chandeliers, carpets, closets, paint, wallpaper, and rose gardens.  With ten years in the Home Furnishing Industry, during which Alie James has spoken to over 50,000 women about what they want in their home, I’m confident she knows how to build a home that could be on the cover of “Better Homes and Gardens”.  But Dream Home Profile goes deeper then that.

“You see, it’s not about how big, how beautiful, or how many expensive things you fill your home with.  It’s just about making the place you live, feel like home.”

I’m no “Suzie Home-Maker” but I truly enjoyed Alie’s book (My Dream Home: Dream Home Profile) because it is not about things, it's about a place–a place where lives unfold and memories are made. Dream Home Profile forced me to think about what is REALLY important when it relates to where I live. It enforced my attitude on how critical it is to have a place to escape the hustle and bustle of life, and how important it is to make that place a personal sanctuary for yourself and your family. 

The focus of Dream Home Profile is on how to turn YOUR house (where you live now or where you will live tomorrow) into a home–your refuge! It gave me insight on how to create the home I dream of.   By offering a set of exercises and evaluations, along with worksheets, I was able to distinguish what MY ideal home is–it is safe, clean, organized, bright, spacious, and clutter-free–welcoming, yet private, and yes, I do love roses! Something that is doable–even with a tight budget! 

“That’s all a Dream Home is ... a place or space that feels exactly like a home should feel - a place that you’ve created, and that makes you want to go home.”

There’s no place like home…just ask Dorothy and Alie!  


  1. ..."Stand up for what you believe in-even if it means standing alone."


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  3. Christine, You really understand what I was trying to accomplish with "Dream Home Profile". Today, when I was at work, everyone was saying that they couldn't wait to leave and go home. I asked them, what is it about HOME that makes you want to go there. They all thought about it and said, it's the place I feel safe and comforted. Thanks for such a wonderful review. Alie James