Friday, May 15, 2009

The Five Factors Affecting Body Fat & Health

The Five Factors 

Factor #1:  Liquid Consumption 

Factor #2:  Quantity and Distribution of Calories 

Factor #3:  Quality and Purity of Calories 

Factor #4:  Restrictive and Unbalanced Dieting 

Factor #5:  Exercise  

Factor #1:  Liquid Consumption 

Too many poor liquid choices add unnecessary and empty calories to the American diet, and an inadequate 

water intake leaves women dehydrated, unhealthy and unhappy.  

Factor #2:  Quantity and Distribution of Calories 

  • Daily caloric intake (uncontrolled calories—too many or not enough)  
  • Daily nutrient ratio: protein/carbohydrates/fat (unbalanced calories)  
  • Number of meals in each day (too many or not enough)  
  • Meal size (uncontrolled portions)  
  • Meal timing (unmonitored timing)  

Factor #3:  Quality and Purity of Calories  

  • Fat calories 
  • Unhealthy calories  
  • Dirty calories 
  • Impure calories  
  • Old and dead calories 
  • Non-kosher calories  

Factor #4:  Restrictive and Unbalanced Dieting 

Because most women look for quick-fix solutions to our obesity and poor-health epidemic, we buy into gimmicks and false promises.

We subscribe to dangerous pills and special packaged foods. We suffer needlessly. Sometimes we lose weight only to "rebound"–

gaining more weight than when we started and usually at the expense of our health. We end up confused and more desperate.

So instead of seeking the proper way to lose weight, we start the cycle all over again.  

Factor #5:   Exercise 

Lack of exercise is a major factor in our health and often explains why we may be fat in the first place. We are “remote-control” country: we lack physical activity and are frequently too lazy to exercise (or at least find ways to be active).  


The Five Factors Fixed 

Factor #1:  Monitor liquid consumption. 

Consume plenty of water each day and proper amounts of other liquids 

Factor #2:  Calculate the quantity and distribution of calories. 

Eat according to your metabolism, goals, and activity level. 

Factor #3:  Determine the quality and purity of calories. 

Eat pure and wholesome foods. 

Factor #4:  Eliminate restrictive and unbalanced dieting forever. 

Factor #5:  Introduce a balanced exercise regimen. 

MY DIVA DIET (copyright 2007)  

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