Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Twitter or not to Twitter? That is the Question.

I DO twitter but am still not quite clear on its use and the benefits!  In fact, when I first starting using twitter my thought was "who cares what I am doing right now"! As I write this post, I am researching and came across an interesting blog by Darren Rowse that you will find interesting too!  I started to twitter back in October and currently have 794 followers.  I mainly use it to give tips and information about diet and health, to network and learn about others, and to promote my book MY DIVA DIET:  A Woman's Last Diet Book.   

I do like the fact that twitter is done in real time and there is a limited number of characters, especially when you don't have allot of time to read an entire blog let alone a website.  I have to admit, it is kind of creepy to communicate with TOTAL STRANGERS, but I have met some interesting and exciting people on twitter.  

That brings me to a Ivan Nikolov, someone I met on twitter and he decided to take a look at MY DIVA DIET:  A Woman's Last Diet Book. Ivan is a natural bodybuilder, personal trainer, website owner, developer of nutrition software, and more.  To learn more about Ivan click here for his bio.  

Here is what Ivan had to say:
QUOTE:    "Just recently I started showing up on twitter (I felt like I was one of the last people to start using it!!), and there was a lady, a personal trainer and accomplished competitor, that approached me to ask me to check out her book.  So reluctantly, I headed over to her website (www.MyDivaDiet.com) initially thinking I will only glance at it since it most likely is one of the self-made, semi-amateur books, written by one of the thousands of fitness professionals, who all have a secret diet or exercise program.  To my surprise, I actually spent a good chunk of time on her website. The reason: What she gathered in her book became evident, it was pretty much the real thing–the way things are, and it's exactly what I'd say if I were to write a book on the same topic. 
It teaches a proper way of living!  Here are a few bullets she wanted me to share (and if I were to tell someone what the book is about):
  • IT IS FOR WOMEN ONLY–A more precise method of dieting.
  • IT WORKS–A proven fat-loss system that improves health.  
  • IT'S NOT A QUICK FIX–It is healthy, safe and life-long.  
  • IT'S A WORKBOOK–Highly interactive.  
  • IT ADDRESSES THE ROOT CAUSES of high body fat and poor health.
  • IT GIVE ALL THE TOOLS to ensure your fat-loss success.
  • IT USES SUPERHEROES to expose, attack, and defeat the true "diet villains".
Anyway, I thought I'd share this with you.  Chat with you soon -I"
This went out in Ivan's newsletter -- IvanNikolov.com Newsletter Archives 
Thank you to Ivan and check out his newsletter when you have a chance–great information about bodybuilding, training, exercise, fitness, nutrition, meal plans, and more!  

MY DVA DIET a fat-loss system 
you CAN trust!  

The moral of the story is YES TO TWITTER-tweet tweet!  twitter.com/calfit32

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  1. How great to make a business connection on Twitter! I think this is all a numbers game~meaning the more that see it, the more you are going to find the interested. Good luck to you!