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Hello all.  It really amazes me how the MY DIVA DIET "mission" is getting around!   Eventually we will embark on a major marketing campaign–in the meantime, we are making our MARK!  
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Great Book to get too -- "What Would Jesus Eat?"

**On a side note: Check out this old clip of American Gladiators
My past competitive days have come to my attention again!  An old acquantance has written a book too!  Dan "Nitro" Clark has just released his book called "Gladiator:  A True Story of Roids, Rage, and Redemption". I can't wait to get my copy–Dan is awesome!  
Here is a photo of Dan (Nitro) with my daughter Nicole (she was 7 here and is now 27), when I was a contestant on American Gladiators back in 1990!  Guess that dates me!

I am so glad to see Dan is speaking out about "steroids" and how bad they are!  This is a perfect opportunity to introduce you to another "diet villain" that I have waged war against–there are 18 in my book!  George Gotta Go–steroids and other "performance enhancing drugs"!  

Although I never took steroids or other drugs (even diet) when I was competing,  I did know some that did!  It was awful to see the side affects and 
I wonder how they are doing now?  

The effects of steroids include:  
Serious and long-lasting:
  • premature or hair loss
  • dizziness
  • mood swings; including anger, aggression, and depression
  • delusions
  • paranoia
  • problems sleeping
  • nausea and vomiting
  • trembling
  • high blood pressure
  • aching joints
  • greater change of injuring muscles and tendons
  • jaundice; liver damage
  • urinary  problems
  • shortening of final adult height
  • increase risk of heart disease, stroke, and some cancers
TEENAGERS BEWARE:  There are also certain risks that are specific to girls and boys and their sexuality (check out this website to learn more)  TEAN HEALTH "Are Steroids Worth the Risk?

For more details on the effects of steroids see this website Peel Public Health

Stay tuned–more to come on the MY DIVA DIET mission!  
E.C.L.  Empower–Challenge–Legacy
I will also be featuring the "diet villains" on this blog!  
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