Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blog Talk Radio & Blogcritics: My Story

BC Radio Live
"BC Magazine is a sinister cabal of superior writers. We feature 40-50 articles daily from more 2000 writers on every conceivable topic. All articles are edited by our team of 20 editors.
BC Radio Live is hosted by Eric Olsen, Phillip Winn, and Lisa McKay, the owners of BC Magazine. We bring you news of what's happening at BC Magazine every week. Part of the BC Radio Network."

I had the privilege of being on the BC Radio Live Show yesterday, August 12, 200, and it was a pleasure to finally talk to some of the BC owners: Eric, Lisa and Phillip. The show was great, although I talked too loud. LOL

The story starts back in March of this year when Alie James, another great writer for BC Magazine, who reviewed MY DIVA DIET: A Woman's Last Diet Book, recommended I become a writer for them too. It was a difficult choice because I didn't know anything about Blogcritics and wasn't even sure what a "blog" was, however, curiosity won the day and...

In March, 2009 I submitted my first article, and with the help of Natalie Bennett, it was finally published--thanks Natalie!

Diets: Hope or Hype?
Diets are big business ($58 billion) but do they work? In our quest to get fit and healthy, do diets offer hope or hype?

Since then, I have written a total of 16 articles and with the help of the editors at Blogcritics, they have all been published: My thanks to the editors that have helped polish my work for Blogcritics: Lisa, Christopher, Mark, Gordon, Clavos, Dave, Matt, Diana, and John. I hope I covered all so far!!

Since my first article about dieting, which is my expertise, I have completed 15 more which include:

2 Book Reviews: Fire Up Your Metabolism: 9 Proven Principles for Burning Fat and Losing Weight Forever and Gladiator: A True Story of ‘Roids, Rage, and Redemption

5 Movie Reviews (which I prefer to focus on true stories or documentaries) include:
Notorious, Valkyrie, Religulous, 8 Mile, and Shouting Fire: Stories From the Edge of Free Speech.

2 Sci Tech articles; one about dieting and the other about Pilates at a resort called Parrot Cay with Pilates expert Lynda Lippin.

2 Culture artilces; American Idol: Season 8 and the death of Micheal Jackson and 1 Music Review, Eminem: Relapse of all things, of which my teenage daughter helped me!!!

And the most challenging, yet my favorite (other than my review of Bill Mahers documentary) are my 4 Political articles:

Racism, Politics, and the Media
Janeane Garofalo is hostage to her own deranged opinions.

Heinous Crimes against Children and the Death Penalty
What in the hell do we do with the perpetrators of heinous crimes against children, especially when they kidnap, molest, and kill our kids?

Bristol Palin: Hypocrite or Courageous Young Woman?
Will somebody please give Joy Behar a dictionary?

President Obama’s Czar Power
Our beloved community organizer is taking our country toward socialism and he is enlisting pit bulls to assist!

I haven't had this much fun since I was a competitor on American Gladiators--yet writing for Blogcritics is less physical and extremely cerebral! I look forward to writing more articles....

Make sure you check out Blogcritics Magazine and their on-going BC Radio Live on Blog Talk Radio -- I think they air live every Wednesday.

By the way, I heard about Blog Talk Radio from Jackie of Central Coast Women's Network and may be starting a fitness talk show (Fitness Flash) in the near future...

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