Friday, July 24, 2009

"Shopping Pockets" Are Here: Versatile and Protection Against Germs!

Attention all you parents (and those of you who are concerned about germs) out there -- "Shopping Pockets" are here! Designed by Dreamtree Products, my personal friends, "Shopping Pockets" combines purse, diaper bag, coupon holder, etc. into one convenient tote while providing protection against germs on the shopping cart handle.

  • Our innovative design combines handbag, diaper bag, coupon holder, etc. in one convenient tote.
  • Our snap-over-the-handle shopping cart tote provides access to conveniently placed pockets for things such as cell phone, pen, shopping list, ipod, checkbook, cash/credit cards, glasses, water/baby bottle/sipper cup, etc.
  • Heavy duty snaps keep your possessions safely attached to shopping cart while shopping.
  • Non-slip strips under tote helps keep it in place on handle of cart.
  • Provides protection from unwanted germs on shopping cart handle.
  • Having the tote on the handle allows more room in cart seat for child or more shopping items.
  • Concealed zippered pocket.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Made of durable fabric. (Machine Wash, gentle, hang dry, or wipe clean).
  • Patent #5961018
  • Made in USA
After the birth of my 2nd daughter, my "germ-conscience" husband and I began working on ways to keep our two young children from putting their hands and mouths on shopping cart handles. We knew shopping carts were handled by hundreds of people every day, therefore leaving behind a multitude of germs o
n the handle. We decided to create our own product to combat this problem. It started with a simple wrap of material around the handle of the cart and grew from there. My husband and I decided to bring in my sister, and my mom, (the seamstress in the family) for inspiration and a little brainstorming.

Eventually we came up with a tote that was a combination diaper bag/purse which snapped over the handle of a shopping cart.

Dream Tree Products are a family business: The creators of "Shopping Pockets" include Elizabeth Wright (and her husband Tom) and Rhonda Marshall who are sisters and partners in this incredible adventure!

By the way, the creators (Libby & Tom) of "Shopping Pockets" are awesome and the nicest people I've ever met. They are also the best parents on the planet. Their two daughters are terrific and happen to be my daughter's best friends. Photo here of Christmas 2006!

With so much versatility and a great way to keep germs away while you shop, how can you resist this unique invention? Get your "Shopping Pocket" today! And stay tuned for more products by DreamTree Products -- Coming Soon: Mommy Pockets, Shopping Pockets Jr., and Mow-Tote!

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